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The Authentic Journey of Real Hire: From a Chance Meeting to the App Store Reality

In the dynamic world of startups, sometimes the most groundbreaking ideas emerge from unexpected encounters and personal challenges. The story of Real Hire is no exception, weaving together the paths of Emmanuel Soto, a determined Dartmouth dropout, and Brandi Day, a newly divorced mother of two navigating her future.

Emmanuel's Dartmouth Departure and App Design Odyssey

Emmanuel Soto's journey with startups began with an unexpected twist during a spring game at Dartmouth College, where a career-ending head injury altered the course of his life. Under the guidance of his head coach, Buddy Teevens, Emmanuel decided to pivot and pursue his passion for technology.

Leaving Dartmouth to focus on recovery, Emmanuel delved into the world of app design, honing his skills over seven years. His journey through various projects and a self-designed curriculum laid the foundation for what would later become the design behind Real Hire.

Brandi's Path: The Naysayers and Not Giving Up on a Dream

On the other side of the story was Brandi Day. She has a successful career in the telecom industry, however, her journey wasn't without challenges. Working in the corporate world, she encountered the challenges of hiring firsthand. Long before the era of widespread video interviews on platforms like Zoom, Brandi was struck by a thought — why not have candidates submit quick introductory videos?

She had pitched the idea of a video based hiring application to co-workers, friends and family. Close to her, people voiced skepticism and discouragement, telling her that creating an app wasn’t something someone with no experience could do. Despite the doubts and naysayers, Brandi persisted.

The seed of an idea for a revolutionary hiring website was planted. Little did Brandi know that this idea would intersect with Emmanuel's path in a way that would change both of their lives.

Serendipity at the Bar: Where Real Hire Takes Shape

Enter the pivotal moment at a local bar where Emmanuel and Brandi's fates collided. In a casual conversation Emmanuel learned Brandi had an idea and Brandi learned that Emmanuel had a keen eye for design.

His relentless pursuit of a job, combined with his knack for branding and marketing, resonated with Brandi, she had almost given up hope but with this renewed energy she knew they had a chance. It was at that moment that the concept of Real Hire began to take shape — a platform where real people connect in a real place, fueled by authentic energy.

Brandi's Triumph Over Adversity: From Beginning Struggles to App Store Triumph

As they embarked on the Real Hire journey, Brandi continued to face the struggles of being a woman in the tech world. Despite the discouragement from those close to her, who believed the challenges were insurmountable, Brandi's resilience became a driving force for Real Hire's success.

After seven months of dedication, hard work, and a shared vision, Real Hire is now officially live in the app store. What started as a response to the challenges of hiring has evolved into a revolutionary tool that empowers both job seekers and employers to connect on a deeper level.

The journey from Dartmouth dreams and starting a new life after divorce, to the reality of the app store is a testament to the power of authentic connections and the resilience of two individuals with a shared passion for innovation. Real Hire is not just an app; it's a story of real people, real places, and the real impact that can come from the fusion of passion, serendipity, and unwavering determination.

As Real Hire continues to shape the future of hiring, the story of its inception serves as an inspiration — a reminder that sometimes, the most transformative ideas are born from unexpected meetings, the pursuit of authentic connections, and the triumph over adversity.

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